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Using sugar derivatives from renewable agricultural crops as raw material, Biochemtec technology platform starts with a very efficient fermentation process that results in lactate. Following proprietary chemical conversions allow for low-cost production of targeted chemicals such as 1,2-PDO (propylene glycol). Cereals proteins separated, enriched with irreplaceable amino acids and marketed for human and animal feed. The company has developed a proprietary technological platform and protected with several patents applications.


Biochemtec process uses renewable source as raw material for base chemical production, compared to oil in traditional petrochemistry. Primary raw materials will be cereals, which are expected to be available at stable cost and volumes.


Based on fast fermentation that triples the efficiency of current traditional lactic acid production and bypassing at least 3 traditional steps in the technology chain, providing very attractive advantage in net value of the end-product.


Process has very low environmental risks of production and minimum level of environment restrictions to the plant location. There are no CO2 emissions, no toxic components of the process nor toxic waste.

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