Original technologies and long-term experience in the field of lactic acid esters, including methyl, ethyl, and butyl lactate catalytic synthesis, and their use as various effective solvents. Original technologies of the synthesis of di- and tri-propylene glycol ethers out of 1,2-PDO, ie (propylene glycol) and their use as potential fuel additives and effective solvents.

Unique technologies and skills in the field of catalytic hydrogenation, particularly in the field of lactic acid esters to propylene glycol (1,2 PDO) for large-scale production. Thereby original catalysis mechanisms (made by us) and catalysts created especially for this occasion are in use.

Unique technologies and new catalysis systems primarily for the catalytic dehydration of lactic acid esters, the aim of which is obtaining methacrylate. In addition, the technology of the production of methoxy-methyl-propionate as a concurrent, high-performance solvent.

Original technological solution for the catalytic dehydrogenation of renewable, raw material-based propylene glycol into propylene oxide.

An original technology of the total synthesis cycle of lactic acid polymer (PVA) and co-PLA starting from the microbiological synthesis and ending with a finished product.

An original technological solution of the microbiological synthesis of malonic acid and the subsequent catalytic hydrogenation into 1,3-PDO, which is a crucial raw material for the synthesis of high-performance co-polymers.